Bluestack Android Review - Best Android Emulator

Android had swept away the market of smartphones, although it is a matter of fact that most of the people are willing to run their desktops and laptops with Android OS. There are couple of ways for getting it done, as there is already an Android OS you can boot onto your device.Well, going deeper into the virtual OS will reveal certain limitation of the OS. Another most preferred way of running this spectacular OS onto your systems is by utilizing an emulator application.
When talking about the Android emulators, Bluestack wins the race. Bluestacks is the most popular emulator, being used by millions of android-ers all across the world. Let’s see what this epic software has got!

Warming Up!

Bluestack virtualizes whole Android OS on computers, it is quite bulky in size; although when comparing to the virtualization application you might considered it a tiny piece of cake. There are certain minimum requirements to run it on your system including 1 GB RAM andat least dual core CPU. There are no primary GPU requirements, although make sure to have internal GPU with at least 512 MB graphics memory. To get started with the experience, firstly download Bluestack. Installer comes in an exe package, making it quite simple to install.

Look and Feel!

”One may not judge a book with its cover”, but this is not with the case with Android as interface plays a crucial role in the OS. Bluestack possess a simple interface, quite confusing too; as it is completely different from what you might have seen in your phones. All the setting and functions seems to be abstracted, with a very little emphasis given on the looks. Main screen will confuse you with what have been installed and what not; and you will accidentally hit some uninstalled apps/games floating around. It might take some time, until you notice the hidden text in grey labelling the blocks of elements containing the Top app/ tap games.
Home screen essentially consists of a search button, and all apps button and a small list of installed apps; followed by the list of recommended apps under labels top apps, media and messenger, action and adventure, etc. Each of these labels list four or five games/apps each with a more button to get a full list of games available under the label. Notification menu remains the same as in Android UI, followed by a slight changes in its calling.

Testing Bluestack:

To test Bluestack we’ve used two systems, one running on Intel i5windows 8 based systems with 2 GB RAM; while the later one was running on atom based tablet running on windows 7. Desktop running on i5 seemed to have taken up the load and ran certain high end games without any major issues; although the atom based tablets, couldn’t even manage to start it; there were some major issues such as black screen, cluttering and end loops, were found making it a terrible experience.
We also tested around 5 games including temple run 2, subway surfers, dead trigger 2, asphalt 8 and clash of clans. Temple run 2 and subway surfers worked absolutely perfect, with no cluttering or hangs all around the gameplay. However the remaining games ran sluggishly with some missing graphical overlays, missing text and hangs. Although the overall experience was not that bad, as there was no way of your device being converted to a heater!


·         Support almost all major games and applications.
·         Available for Windows and Mac.
·         Doesn’t degrade base system’s performance.


·         Confusing interface.

·         Incompatibility issues in some systems.
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