ShareIt for Android Review

Sharing large files on mobile devices has always been a hectic process; although this was the case until the discovery of file transfer application like ShareIt. Talking about ShareIt, it is file transfer application which uses Wi-Fi connectivity to transfer files from one device to another.
It is also a matter of fact that it is possible that the device may differ in their brands, model and operating systems too. The main parameters here remains to be operating system, ShareIt is a cross platform application available for a number of mobile operating systems including iOS and Android. Thus resolving the issue of cross platform transfer. ShareIt download can be done from Playstore in case of android and app store for iOS

Light Interface with Seamless Integration

ShareIt comes with a light coloured interface with two colours viz blue and white. There are no hidden setting for any further confusion, front screen consist of send or receive option, tapping on seen option will lead you the inbuilt file manager, wherein you can select the file(s) which you want to send. Once all the files are selected next process will be to connect the two devices; here the app will automatically decide whether to use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or NFC for transfer. Once connection has been made using specific technology, transfer will start. Tapping on the receive option will allow you to receive files. This simply follows by allowing you to join the sender’s network.
The built in file manager is one of the smartest things which you might ever see. The file manager list all the files all according to their type. You can actually see the tabs such as app, photo, movies, etc.; each listing the respective type of files. You can easily swipe left or right to switch between different tabs and view the files. The app seamlessly integrates itself into the OS. In case you want to send a file using default file manager, you can also do so by simply tapping on the sharing button followed by selecting ShareIt.

Performance And Speed

In such file transfer applications the main emphasis is made on speed of the file transfer. This basically depends on the technology being used, most of the devices use Wi-Fi connectivity which possess speeds in the range 3 MBPS to 4 MBPS. This speed is enough to transfer a 1 GB file in approximately 6 minutes, which is more than 100 times faster than Bluetooth file transfer.
The app is quite light weighted and do not adds more to bulk your device, neither does it make you device Laggy by adding itself into the core of the OS. When tested on a low end device with 512 MB RAM and dual core processor, the app ran smoothly without any glitches.

Sync with PC on the Go!

ShareIt, unlike most of the other file sharing applications allows to share files with desktops and laptops running on Windows operating system. To do so you will have to download an additional application of ShareIt on your desktop. Both of the application are freeware, thus you do not have to pay some extra bucks for this functionality. 
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