ShowBox for Android Review

ShowBox is certainly a better choice if you are regular user of apps like Netflix. You might go in par with using this application, as ShowBox is one and only app which can fulfil your desire of watching every movie releasing every now and then. The application consorts a huge database having movies enough to keep you busy for years. Whether it is about interstellar or the dark knight, the app has got all and that too for free.

What’s In The Box?

It doesn’t matter whether any of the movie or a TV series exhibits copyright act; ShowBox possess it all. You can find most famous and top rated TV shows such as Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Band of Brothers, etc., at your fingertips using this application. It allows you to watch any of the particulars in different formats depending upon your device’s capability and the connection speed. There are three variants available as Low Quality, High Quality and Medium quality; all are according to their labels. You can watch them under their respective quality by first selecting their quality then tapping on watch now; or else you can download the same. It can be downloaded on Android devices only,  as Showbox For PC is still unavailable.

The interface:

The interface of the application is quite intuitive and easy to navigate down the hierarchy. When installed and opened, the default front screen is the movies tabs, wherein you can find all the movies sorted in the order in which they were released. This sorting can however be altered to other sorting schemes such as by genre or rating; this can be done by simply selecting the sort by from the drop down list.
The same type of framework is adopted for the TV series tab, containing all the relevant shows. All of these movies and TV series are listed in a uniform grid with equal number of elements in each column. The app smoothly transforms itself when operating on a tab or when the orientation of the application is changed. The developers took dark colour, which looks magnificent.
The other two tabs confines 'Library' and 'Updates'. Updates tab is quite confusing and I don't consider it of any utility unless if I am very much aware of every other movie and TV series which comes up. Under library tab you can find all your download which have finished and which are undergoing. You can also add movies/TV series to have a watch over and to download it later. This can be done by simple going to the specified page of the respective movie/series then tapping on 'Add to Library'.

Testing The Performance

ShowBox is a lightweight application, with size occupying few MB's. The app was tested on two device namely HTC one M8 and Moto X, under the same wireless connectivity. The app worked perfectly, without any glitches in its common operations. Although, it misbehaved when the connection speed went down or when connection became unstable. It gives a clear implication that the app is largely dependent on the data connection speed, which should be at least 3G for proper functioning. The quality were quite satisfactory for mobile devices. Under the same tests, a movie was downloaded with high quality; the quality was superfine 720p which can be easily watched on bigger screens too. The lowest quality format is 3gp, which is suitable for devices having lower screen resolutions.

Legal Act

ShowBox is tagged under copyright infringement act, as all the movies/TV series were used unauthorized. The same is the reason why you cannot find it on Google Play Store.
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